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Nesma started singing at the age of 10. She joined the Children's choir at the Cairo Opera House for 6 years with the conductor Selim Sahab, where she earned the basics of oriental singing with the Oud player and singer, Sayed Mansour.
Nesma studied music in school and joined the choir that was conducted by Dr. Monika Schuermann, Nesma's music teacher in DEO.
Since 2007 Nesma is a star pupil of Dr. Neveen Allouba,the famous Egyptian Soprano and voice teacher.
Nesma participated in the German Competition "Jugend Musiziert" four times, winning first prize in 2009 in Musical Theatre and first prize again in 2010 in Pop Singing.
In 2011, Nesma Mahgoub won the famous Reality Show "Star Academy" in its 8th season.


Hob Ekhwat

Nesma recently released her new song and video clip "Hob Ekhwat", written and composed by Youssef Youssef and musically arranged by Mahmoud Sadek. The clip is a success since the day of its release because Nesma shown the audience her high quality singing, acting and dancing. Now she is working on finding good words, melodies and musical arrangements for her next new singles and video clips in 2015.. watch the video


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